Configure the Project

Concept: The Dockerfile is a recipe to build the environment where our function will run. The function itself is implemented in A Python module built into the base Docker image (reactors) works with config.yml and message.jsonschema to provide declarative configuration and validation. The requirements.txt file is used with pip in the container image to specify additional Python modules to install. Finally, the Reactors workflow uses reactor.rc to specify name, version, and other metadata, and secrets.json as a way to pass sensitive information into a function without committing it to the container image.

Step 1: Edit config.rc

Naivigate to the project directory and edit DOCKER_HUB_ORG in config.rc to reflect either your Docker Hub username or an organization where you have push and pull access. For example, if a person with the Docker Hub username taco is a member of Docker Hub group cabana, they can choose either taco or cabana as the value for DOCKER_HUB_ORG

Step 2: Edit config.yml

Change the config file to read as follows.

  level: INFO
  token: ~
dont_reveal: ~

Step 3: Create secrets.json

Write a JSON file with the following contents.

{"_REACTORS_DONT_REVEAL": "This is a secret"}